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There's no higher honor than to be trusted and we are so thankful for our clients, friends and family who have trusted us to have their best interests at the center of what we do, go above and beyond for them and care when they need it most. We wouldn't be where we are without the 100% referrals that keep a small business thriving - not to mention food on our family's table.

We wholeheartedly thank you for trusting us and being a friend for life!




The Borris Family

Mike and Meredith along with their mixed family were looking for right location and house to grow their family of 5. They had plans to renovate a cookie cutter home into the home of their dreams so the layout and price were very important to maximize their return on investment down the road. I was able to negotiate to get the price down to 95.5% of original list price + $14,300 in closing costs. That helped propel them into a large addition and renovation project that took years and will absolutely pay off when it's time to sell their home that's now worth around a million dollars!

Now, they have created the most gorgeous home in Maryland in my opinion - complete with a showstopper inground pool and outside entertaining space. After renovations, they welcomed their first baby boy in a family full of girls. Today, they are embracing a full life in the home of their dreams beautifully designed by the super talented Meredith and her mom.


  • Bought for 95.5% of original list price

  • Received $14,300 in closing credits 

  • Located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods tucked down a long driveway off of a cul-de-sac in Carroll County, MD

The Shilts Family

This sweet family of 4 came to me on a mission to strategically sell their home and buy a fixer upper to pay down student debt and experience more financial freedom. Preparing a house to sell is not for the faint of heart and especially difficult with toddlers in tow. I was so happy to jump in and help practically when it came to cleaning, packing and staging so they were positioned perfectly on the market. 

With staging and strategic pricing, there was enough demand in a winter market to drive multiple offers and sell for 101.4% of list price within 6 days! That's a 118% ($54,300) increase in value after living in their home for 5 years! So proud of them!

But that's not it - they needed to find a property at a discount with a ton of potential for added value that also worked for their growing family. We came across an estate sale that was well loved and untouched for many years by beloved Mr. Harris. After estimating the cost of updates to the level of the comps in the area, we put an offer out there justifying 75% of list price. At first, Mr. Harris' daughter rejected their offer and we came back again later right after she had a conversation with her dad in heaven about selling the home she grew up in. She just knew it was time. She was ready for a new family to love it and build a legacy there - and accepted their offer! Such a bittersweet and successful transaction. Now, only 2 years later and renovating it into a beautiful home, they have increased the value by 266.7% and are on their way to building a life of financial peace and freedom. With lots of prayer, support, and hard work, they are now enjoying their sweet home along with another precious little girl that joined their family during the pandemic. 

  • Sold their home for 101.4% of list price ​in 6 days 

  • Gained $54,300 in equity after selling to pay off some student loans from engineering school

  • Bought a fixer upper via FHA 203k low downpayment renovation loan at 75% of list price and immediately renovated so the house was livable.

  • After renovations, their home value increased by 266.7%!



The Wilson Family

This incredibly hardworking and dedicated first responder and sports-committed family are loyal clients who have now bought and sold with me several times - they are practically family now! They came to me to stage and list their house to get top dollar after they put a contract on a new construction house. The numbers were tight but we put our best foot forward to prep, stage and list strongly. Ultimately, the proximity to a busy road deterred buyers at first but we were able to secure buyers for 96.5% of list price just in time for them to put a separate full price contract on an underpriced home the first day on the market. 

A few years later, they were on a mission to sell both their home and their sweet mom's condo so she could live comfortably with them as they managed her rare disease called Dystonia. I got to work staging and marketing their homes and was able to sell the Wilson home for 105% of list price in 3 days which was 127% above the price they bought it for just 2 years prior! Shortly after, their mom's condo sold for 100% of list price in 3 days as well giving them the ability to put a contract on a new construction that fits a family of 4 plus their mom. Now they can care for her and thrive as a family in their new dream home that they continuously add value to like pros. Their mom is loving being around the grandkids especially!


  • Although the proximity to the road made it more difficult to sell to be able to afford a new build, their staged home still sold for 96.5% of original list price just in time for an underpriced home to hit the market. 

  • They were able to buy the underpriced home for full price the first day it hit the market.

  • Sold their home 2 years later for 105% of list price in 3 days to buy a house that could fit their sweet mom. Their home value had increased by 127%!

  • Their mom was struggling with Dystonia, a rare disease, so we staged and sold her condo for 100% of list price so they could put a contract on new construction that fit them all comfortably.


Kaitlyn bent over backwards to help us sell and then buy and we couldn’t have been happier with the overall experience. She worked tirelessly, made every effort to ensure honest and open communication and accomplished everything we needed her to. She sold our home in less than 4 days and then helped us place (multiple) offers on our new house until everyone was satisfied with the end result. So so thankful to have had Kaitlyn in our corner!!






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